Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service


Welcome to the GenNext Technology. GenNext Technology gives this association (the “Association,” as further outlined underneath) to you subject to the running with Terms of Service (“TOS”). In like way, while utilizing the Service, you might be liable to any posted measures and standards material to such association, which might be posted and strengthened occasionally. Every last such direct and standards are joined by reference into these TOS.

If it’s not too much bother READ THESE TOS CAREFULLY. By getting to or utilizing the Service, (“You” or “Your” as material) are bound by the notice, terms and conditions in these TOS and, as pertinent, somewhere else on https://gennexttechnology.com (checking yet not constrained to our Privacy Policy, our Copyright Policy and the https://gennexttechnology.com Terms of Service, which are set by reference). In the event that You utilize the Service for the benefit of a business, You address GenNext Technology that You have the expert to tie that business and Your assertion of these TOS will be overseen as insistence by that business. In that occasion, You and Your in these TOS will propose that business. On the off chance that You don’t consent to any of these terms and conditions, You may not utilize the Service. Dependably, in utilizing the Service, You should watch and consent to these TOS, as they might be changed now and again.

The Service

The Service is consolidated (I) the GenNext Technology site, beginning at now masterminded at https://gennexttechnology.com (and besides any successor or extra web site(s) had or worked by or for GenNext Technology ); (ii) the servers worked by or in light of a real worry for GenNext Technology ; (iii) the information, course, help and focused help associations gave by the GenNext Technology Tech Team; and furthermore (iv) some other progression and additionally benefits that GenNext Technology accommodates people, affiliations, exchange parties or unmistakable affiliations (“Clients”) for utilize freely or by their agents, executives and individuals. The Service might be hovered through any media design through any media channel and in addition by techniques for any media gadget. In the event that You are getting to the GenNext Technology Services through a course of action among GenNext Technology and a Client, the Client has the sole right and watchfulness to pick Your capacity to utilize the Service. On the off chance that such Client shuts Your entry to the Service, You concur that GenNext Technology isn’t in charge of such end and that You have no course of action of action, and will make no move, against GenNext Technology.

Client Account

You are exclusively in charge of the movement that happens for you, and You should keep Your record puzzle word secure. You should light up GenNext Technology quickly of any break of security or unapproved utilization of Your record. Despite the way that GenNext Technology won’t be submitted for Your debacles caused by any unapproved utilization of Your record, You might be in threat for the episodes of GenNext Technology or others because of such unapproved utilize.

You might be required to give present, correct contact and other data (“Registration Data”) as a state of use of the Service. On the off chance that You give any Registration Data that is false, unbalanced, not present or isolated, or GenNext Technology has sensible grounds to figure that such data is false, confused, not present or inadequate, GenNext Technology has the advantage to suspend or end Your record and reject all present or future use of the Service. On the off chance that You empower a pariah to get to the Service to lead business for Your motivation, all quick and use of the Service by such untouchable will be credited to You and You will be viewed as responsible for their consistence with all Terms of Use corresponded to their exercises.

GenNext Technology may, in its sole reasonability, empower other specialist relationship to check a client’s capability to get to the Service and yield access to the Service through a solitary sign-on to another association (“Single Sign-on”). You may stop Single Sign-on advantage by accomplishing GenNext Technology at info@gennexttechnology.com


The substance open through or gave the Service, including without snag, the substance, programming, substance, depictions, photographs, sounds, music, accounts, shrewd highlights and so forth (all things considered, the “Substance”) and the trademarks, advantage inscriptions and logos contained in that (the “Etchings”), are attested by or affirmed to GenNext Technology, and subject to copyright and other guaranteed improvement rights under United States and remote laws and general traditions. No permit in the Content or Marks is ordinary or made along these lines. In any case, as put forth in these TOS, the Content and Marks are given to You AS IS to Your data and individual utilize just and may not be utilized, repeated, reiterated, scattered, transmitted, confer, showed up, sold, affirmed, or generally mishandled for any reasons at all close to as put forth in these TOS. GenNext Technology saves all rights not explicitly allowed in and to the Service and the Content. In the event that You download or print a duplicate of the Content, You should hold all copyright and other first class cautioning contained in or on such substance and material. You concur not to avoid, hinder or all things considered meddle with security related highlights of the Service or highlights that dismiss or limit utilize or replicating of any Content.

Refund Policies

Refund can only be processed within 15 days of subscription purchased from GenNext Technology. Customers are not eligible for the refund in the following conditions:

A. Incidents plans – Customers will not be refunded any amount what they have paid once there problem is resolved. If customer has any issue which is not resolved he has to write us on info@gennexttechnology.com before the expiry date mentioned in his plan.

If customer does not write us before this date then we believe that his/her issue has been resolved and no refund will be provided to customer after this date.

B. Monthly Support, 3 Month support, 6 Month Support and Annual Support Plans –

A Full REFUND will be issued if GenNext Technology has not been able to resolve even a single issue for you within the first 15 Days of your subscription Plan.

If GenNext Technology resolves one or more issues and customer confirms it in his/her feedback email , then charges for the Support Fee and Cost of the software License (per computer or device) will not be refundable in any case.

If GenNext Technology has been able to resolve one or more issue after 15 Days of subscription and customer still wants to cancel the subscription then some amount per incident will be deducted from the total cost in addition to Setup fee and software license cost.

Not with standing this GenNext Technology may, at its sole discretion and on a case to case basis, agree to a refund of Support Plan charges after deducting Setup Fee and cost of paid Anti-virus and any other paid software which has been provided free of cost with any subscription plan.

C. Products – Customer agrees that he will not be provided any refund once the software/Antivirus/product has been delivered to him in email and has been installed in his computer/Laptop.

D. Change of Mind – There is no refund for the change of mind for Incident Support Plans.

E. All refund request should come in writing to info@gennexttechnology.com

F. Once customer replies our payment authorization email with “I authorise GenNext Technology” in her email or

Electronic Signed Document reply, he/she is bound with our refund policy.

Customer will be eligible for refund when any of the following criterions are met for all incident based plans:

I. The problem is out of scope of the specific plan.
II. Customers have all the pre-requisites which were required to resolve the issue and problem was not resolved till the time account was active.
III. Before 48 hrs after the resolution of the issue and a confirmation from the customer after the issue was last worked upon by GenNext Technology.
IV. The refund will be processed only after getting a written request by the customer on the email id info@gennexttechnology.com along with the reason for refund
*In no case, the amount of refund/claim shall exceed the amount subscribed or paid by the customer to GenNext Technology.